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Hakima Scarf - A Destmal Gift

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Exquisite hand-embroidered Hakima scarf, where vibrant green linen meets the intricate Khamak motifs, inspired by nature. One Size.

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The Importance of Revival- Reviving vintage handkerchiefs as scarf accessories is not just about fashion—it's about preserving history and embracing sustainability. By giving new purpose to this cherished keepsake, we honor the craftsmanship of past generations and reduce our environmental footprint by repurposing existing materials. So, the next time you're looking for a stylish accessory with a hint of nostalgia, reach for our/your vintage handkerchief. With a little creativity, you can breathe new life into these timeless treasures and make them a cherished part of your wardrobe once again.

From Hyder Jaghori To Sweden - This antique & vintage Destmal/Handkerchief Dating Back 1980s from Hyder Jaghori, Afghanistan. It is named after Hakima, now residing in Sweden, who lovingly preserves it as a precious gift from her sister, gifted to her children. This timeless treasure was once a token of affection exchanged between loved ones and held the essence of love, care, and thoughtfulness.

Designed for versatility, the Hakima Handkerchief scarf, effortlessly complements any attire, whether worn as a stylish headpiece or a chic neck accessory. Embracing diversity, it is tailored for both men and women (unisex scarf), inviting everyone to embrace the essence of tradition and style- unisex. 


  • Material: Linen Fabric
  • Inspiration: Hazara Tradition & Embroidery
  • Embroidery: Hand-embroidered using raw silk thread
  • Size: 48cm X 48cm

NOTE:  This is just a design for you from the 1980s so you place your order & we will skillfully recreate it to bring your vision to life. We practice slow fashion, which means our product will take 1- 2 weeks to get to you. Don't fret, know that your purchase will be of the highest quality and made ethically!


The product should be hand-washed very delicately



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