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Atai Shawl Collection

In the folds of these ancestral shawls, we find solace and inspiration, reminders of the enduring spirit of the Hazara people. As we continue to honor our roots and celebrate our heritage, we carry forward the legacy of our ancestors, stitching new stories into the fabric of time for generations to come.

This collection is named after the Hazaragi word Atai which means father, and serves as a heartfelt tribute to great Hazara fathers and grandfathers who diligently preserved these exquisite vintage shawls, lovingly designed and crafted by their brides. The 'Shawl e Gardan' stands as a timeless symbol of the enduring beauty and resilience embodied by the Hazara people, honoring their rich cultural heritage.

Note: Our collection of vests offers a delightful array of designs for you to select from. Once you've made your choice, you place your order & we will skillfully recreate it to bring your vision to life.


Habib Shawl Habib Shawl

Habib Shawl

249.00 USD
Rezaq Shawl Rezaq Shawl

Rezaq Shawl

249.00 USD
Shafiqa Shawl Shafiqa Shawl

Shafiqa Shawl

160.00 USD