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Scarf Collection

Indulge in the beauty of Daikundi and Jaghori with our hand-embroidered scarfs, where the allure of Gull-e-Lalak/Lalah/Tulip-inspired motifs meets the richness of cultural heritage, weaving stories of beauty, resilience, and timeless charm.

Designed for versatility, our handkerchief scarfs effortlessly complement any attire, whether worn as a stylish headpiece or a chic neck accessory. Embracing diversity, they are tailored for both men and women, inviting everyone to embrace the essence of tradition and style.

Each handkerchief scarf is a masterpiece of artistry and dedication, lovingly crafted by skilled Hazara artisans whose hands weave magic into every intricate design. Elevate your style and empower artisans with every purchase.


Zikzaik Elegance Zikzaik Elegance

Zikzaik Elegance

85.00 USD
Shafiqa Scarf - The big hearts Shafiqa Scarf - The big hearts
Lalah Scarf Lalah Scarf

Lalah Scarf

79.00 USD
Gull-e-Lalak Scarf Gull-e-Lalak Scarf

Gull-e-Lalak Scarf

199.00 USD
Hakima Scarf - A Destmal Gift Hakima Scarf - A Destmal Gift