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Najaf Jacket In Black

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A piece of perfection in handmade Palestinian Tatreez with a magical contrast of colors. Hand-embroidered with love by Refugee Women in Lebanon.

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Article Number: 23
Supplier: INAASH


 A perfect combination of style and tradition, this elegant embroidered Najaf jacket features classic Palestinian needlework in a winning combination of patterns and colors. This is made of Najaf, 100% wool loosely woven by hand to create a soft, lightweight fabric. It is hand embroidered by artisans (Refugee women in Lebanon Camp).  Wear this striking Inaash Najaf jacket and watch the compliments flow. Available in a range of vibrant colors. 

BRAND INAASH For 50 years Inaash has provided opportunities for thousands of women to earn income and provide needed financial support for their families in Lebanon with a  vision to Keep heritage alive, relevant, and desirable. Here you can learn more about Inaash

Handmade in Lebanon


Material: Najaf Fabric, 100% wool (camel)

Hand-embroidered with DMC threads and beads 

Embroidered on shoulders, hands edges, and back 

Embroidery: Cross Stitch 

Inspiration: Palestinian Embroidery 

Production time: 2-3 months

Color: Black


75cm from shoulder to hem
120cm around the bust
35cm from armpit to wrist


Camil Collection practices slow fashion, which means our product will take 2 months plus 2-to 12 business days for shipping to get to you. Don't fret, know that your purchase will be of the highest quality and made ethically!


To ensure the longevity and quality of Najaf clothing items, please adhere to the following care instructions:

1. Air the Najaf fabric items thoroughly in a well-ventilated room, away from direct sunlight. Proper airing helps maintain the freshness and integrity of the fabric.

2. Consider incensing the garments with gentle, natural incense. Wool, in particular, benefits from this practice, as it helps preserve its natural properties and freshness.

3. Refrain from dry cleaning, water cleaning, or using any detergents or liquid-based cleaners on the fabric. These methods can compromise the integrity of the material and lead to damage.

4. Handle Najaf fabric items with care, avoiding rough treatment that could cause unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, protect the garments from exposure to rain, extreme moisture, or humid conditions, as these factors can adversely affect their quality.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Najaf clothing items remain in optimal condition for an extended period, maintaining their beauty and integrity. Need more help contact us at [email protected]


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Najaf Jacket In Black

600.00 USD 540.00 USD

Najaf Jacket In Black

600.00 USD 540.00 USD

Najaf Jacket In Black

600.00 USD 540.00 USD