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Beaded Frame

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The Beaded frame is unique & made out of materials left from the Bahar collection. Frame, 8/6 Inch.

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Introducing this unique frame made out of materials left from the previous and current collections. Each piece is made from the same materials but holds a unique look.

The brand is to make sure that future generations are aware and in touch with our Hazara roots and to showcase the positive side of Afghanistan and the Hazaras. As previously mentioned, her heritage and culture are the pivotal aspects of the brand, and thus created the BAHAR collection, a unique collaboration of the two. The collection is the beginning of a legacy she aspires to create and continues for the current and future Hazara generations, where the community’s traditions and history are proudly cherished. Here you can learn more about Watan.


  • Fabric: Lining Fabric waste from the Bahar collection 
  • Size: Frame 8/6 Inches & design 5/3 Inches 


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